After a paradisiac week in Punta del Este, meaning 32C degrees and surfing in just my bikini for two hours (after that my fingers start to go numb), in April, in autumn, a season that when I was in Punta del Este back in 2009 we had to [more]

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Sighing inwardly, Yanis casually unlaces one Converse. He pulls at the heel and dangles the canvas shoe suggestively towards the tory, provoking no response. George unbuttons his shirt from the bottom up, revealing a pale and unhealthy looking chest, with a patchwork of undergrowth and skin tags, and [more]

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Encouraged by the folly of handling pounds for a couple of days, Yanis accepts George’s invitation to London. News travels fast. His sexual reputation dominated the conversations of parliaments across Europe, boosting his ego and political prowess, whilst providing perfect cover for the production of the new currency. [more]

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The next thing Alex remembers is waking up with Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte (that’s a pudding, not a politician) at Berghain nightclub. Jolted into action by the possibility of being recognised, he’s shocked and relieved to find he’s wearing a mask (and almost surprised to find he’s wearing very little [more]

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Failed states, fucked ‘conomies No 1. Too much history, not enough weather. Ciscé and the boy walked tall, thinking about th’ conomy. In the world of the campsite, derelict tennis courts (clay), and cracked empty swimming pool there was nothing that money could buy. Mercedes Benz. Mexico City, [more]

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Back in Athens, Yanis is overcome by a sense of personal and political empowerment. The impossible would be played to his advantage; slid, hammered and kicked into reality for the sake of the Greek people. This was a plan born by moral twilight, the potential for catastrophe clear. [more]

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Das 7:1 von Deutschland gegen Brasilien bei der Fußball-WM 2014 war der Einbruch des Unwahrscheinlichen – und der Kommentator des ZDF, Belà Rety, blieb stur bei seinem bodennahen Stotterrealismus, diesem anämischen Fehlervermeidungsgestus, der auch den deutschen Film, die deutsche Literatur, die Gesellschaft generell und politisch die Merkel-Republik durchdringt. Er [more]


For generations, the big city has promised romance, danger, opportunity. But what happens when you wake up one hung-over morning and realize the promise is gone… along with your cheap apartment? That your whole existence in Berlin – ten years of easy living based on cheap rent and [more]


Die Texte in diesem Band erschienen zwischen dem 27. November 2000 und dem 7. September 2001 im Feuilleton der „Süddeutschen Zeitung“. Es sollte um Gegenstände gehen, etwas Konkretes also, an dem sich die Erinnerung zeigt, die zwar privat motiviert war, aber durchaus politisch gemeint. Das alte Deutschland war [more]


Carl Sternheim war unruhig, er war unzufrieden, er kämpfte gegen seine Zeit, den Wilhelminismus erst, dann die Weimarer Republik, wie es die Pflicht jedes Zeitgenossen sein sollte, denn das Gute wird immer verraten, das wusste Sternheim, denn er war ja der Dramatiker, der mit seinen existentiellen Komödien “Der [more]


Sandra Bartoli is a contemporary Walter Benjamin. His was Paris, hers is Tiergarten in Berlin. She is wandering through this somehow engrossed park in the centre of Berlin, a city without a centre, in 60 chapters. Exploring its hidden places, past, present, dark corners, bright lights, “Dönerbuden”, ponds, [more]


Eine Frau in Los Angeles, auf der Suche nach sich selbst, nach der Liebe, nach dem Sinn – zwischen all dem Glamour, den Stars, den Erinnerungen, an die Kindheit und den Katholizismus, an Berlin und die Drogen, ans Cookies, die Panoramabar, an die Nächte und den Exzess. Wer [more]



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A Second Presidential election in two years will take place this week in Egypt. For the sake of drama, let’s pretend the winner of this battle–with 95% of the vote no less–was not decided long before the removal of President Mohammad Morsi from office a year ago. The [more]

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“Do you know how to get to the beach?” I ask Diana as she buckles her helmet snugly around her chin. I don’t know her name is Diana yet but she answers in a thick Italian accent and points me towards the grouping of hotel and residential towers [more]

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so I am walking with caution sleepless nights are taking their toll on me this festival called aardklop in the dry north

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Architects are strange people, they flirt with the notion of being great creators, but most recently they turn out to be really mediocre minds. Which is odd, because they are after all the people who shape the way we live, how we move through a city, through a [more]

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