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Hanne Lippard

Hanne Lippard (aka Hannelicious) is a smart young thing from Tronheim / Milton Keynes.

the combo never fails to impress me.

her icy stare and glistening smile give way to a warm yet disciplined voice.

tones of guidance, a map which works, 

w/ cheeky diversions

into spritz back allees


she stares out of Passenger, 

into weekend haze.

comforting come down with hi res latte

humanism belies automation.

zuckerbrot & peitsche.

i met Hanne through Tara

another great friend.

they used to lived together

and a few months later she was sounding my exhibition

with Ancientisms and Beige.

We once mused over

a goth from Milan

who subletted from me

(i kicked him out)

my favourite line from hanne


“all for a piece of precious gold, that was found in her anus”

and the swirling chocolate stock footage


Photo by Yeb Wiersma

Hanne Lippard
by Steve Warwick